Media brand campaigns against under representation of black women in British media

A lifestyle media brand run for and by women of black British origin has started a crowdfunding campaign which they hope will fix the issue of under representation of black women in British media.

The Black Ballad team believe a subscription site will create a safe space for black British women to share their personal experiences.

“The platform will create articles, podcasts and videos around different aspects of black British life,” they explain in a statement on their website.

“From periods to politics and from our beauty habits to exploring our identity as black women living, working and thriving in Britain,” it continues.

Black Ballad was started 2014 by black British journalist Tobi Oredein, who “was tired of not seeing black women in the pages of magazines that claim to be for all British women,” according to a statement on the Black Ballad website.

Black Ballad provides culture, fashion and beauty content for black British women.

“As I always say, white women’s media cares more about avocados than black women,” explains Oredein in a video posted on Twitter, explaining the reasoning behind the crowdfunding campaign.


Membership starts at £30, and at the time of writing 36 people have joined the campaign.

You can find out more information about Black Ballad’s crowdfunding campaign here.

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